This book is so-o-o-o good. I am getting a copy for every single one of my young adult children for Christmas even though all but one are now in their 20s (17, 20, 23, 25, 26, 28). I’m buying a copy for every member of my family! The content is invaluable. I think this book is going to have a huge impact on the young people who read it.” -Deena Ortiz

Brilliant! A book on leadership written to the ultimate target audience, the leaders of the next generation! This book is not just a remake of TJEd; it’s completely new material that really speaks to our current needs as parents and educators. Not only will I be recommending it to my students, but to their parents as well. What a gift to our teens, our nation and ourselves!” -Shawn Crane, President, LEMI Mentors Association

Oliver DeMille and Shanon Brooks have given insights into the Leadership Education model for teens that are not only easily understood but inspiring to read. Their teachings give credence to my voice as a parent using this model in my home. The Teen 100 Book List and the insights on how to use it are, of themselves, worth the price of the book!” -Teri Helms, TJEd mom to five boys, Owner, Tommy Mom

I have read Thomas Jefferson for Teens and loved the work. I definitely want to share this with my own teens and teens I mentor in my classrooms, both live and online. I really feel the book is important for parents of teens and future to read, as well. Talking straight to teens empowers them and they almost always rise to the occasion. Thank you for creating this work and speaking with such dignity to the youth.” -Donna Goff, Co-Founder
The Princess Academies, LLC

This a MUST READ for today’s youth and their parents! Don’t let the word TEENS in the title fool you. This book gives enormous perspective for all ages of people. We live in difficult times, our children have a big task ahead of them. DeMille and Brooks have prescribed usable, inspiring medicine for the maladies of our modern society and written them in a way everyone can understand.” -Nicholeen Peck, author of Parenting a House United

Every once in a while a second witness comes along and in one magical moment says something that speaks truth to the soul and the hearer–finally–remembers who he is. That is what Oliver DeMille and Shanon Brooks have done. They remind us who we are and what we’re about.” -Tiffany Earl, author of Say*Go*Be*Do, Mentor to thousands of youth through LEMI Scholar Projects

This book will allow you, as a youth, to feel, to know, and to see how much we love you, how important you are to us, and why YOU ARE SO WORTH IT! Read it, apply it, live it, and enjoy being YOU!” -Kami Mitchell, Director
Youth For Freedom (YFF), Leadership Youth Conferences

Whether a business plan, a personal schedule, or a wilderness trek plan, great ideas only have results when they are executed. That’s the secret: execution, execution, execution. That’s why this book is so valuable–it gives fun, practical, meaningful ideas and examples that focus on execution. We’ll definitely be reading it at Williamsburg Academy.” -James C. Ure, Esq., Headmaster, Williamsburg Academy

Wow!!!!!! This book is AMAZING! I have read all the others, but with my oldest child just entering the Scholar stage, I was more than a little anxious to see if TJEd would really work. After reading this book, I am more than convinced. I love how it is written to the youth, but that adults can learn just as much from it. There is so much information I needed, explained in a way that went straight to my heart. I have already been raving about it to friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to inspire me!” -Bente Rodriguez

What a great book to guide teens along the path to greatness! I wish I’d had this book when I was a teen!” -Jennifer Pate

Comments from Online Forums:

Mine came in last Thursday. I am about halfway done with it and can’t wait to share it with my kids. (I dont’ even want to wait for Christmas which was my original intent!).”

Got mine!!! It is awesome!!! I cant wait to read it. I got as far as the needing to find the real you. I think I need to do that – I am always wishing I could have it together, and I am always doubting myself, and wishing I could be different. I cant wait to read the rest!!!”

Ours also came last week — FANTASTIC!! I’m ordering more for Christmas so each teen has their own. Meanwhile we have begun reading it together.”

Got mine yesterday! I don’t want to put it down!”

I got mine last week, read it and have passed it on to a friend to read. My child is a little to young, but I am going to have him read the book every year until he is ready to start. Loved the book, I am also going to start buying the books so we have the books ready to go when he is ready.”

I just want to say that the book is fantastic, I can’t wait until my son is ready for this, in the mean time I am getting the books on the list that I don’t have and am reading them so he can read my copy with notes in it. A big thank you to the authors for writing this book.”

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